What’s the most effective network for Social Media Marketing?

social media marketingIt’s a foregone conclusion that social media marketing is critical to a business’ success. Whether you’re a small business or a huge multi national conglomerate, you must have an active social media presence. But which one to focus on. Sure, you say, all of them. Mighty magnanimous of you. Well, not all social media sites are the same in terms of value. You want to engage your customers and potential customers and ideally drive them to your website where they will buy or shop or reach out to you. By most measures, Facebook is by far the optimal network. In a recent study by NetMarketShare, social media accounted for a total of 3.28% of all referred traffic and of that total, Facebook accounted for 3.18%, 97% of all social media referrels. Not only that, but referred visitors stopped at more pages, 1.60 and had a lower bounce rate, 85.7%, than any other social media network. That wasn’t a typo. 85.7% bounce rate is the best amongst social media networks for the month of May, 2015. There are many reasons people go to a website from a Facebook link. Many go to one specific page off an offer. Since a bounce is recorded from single page hits, it’s not overly surprising. Coming in a solid second is social networking site Digg. Not a site that is in the conversation often, but the numbers show that it should be. Instagram, Pinterest…not in the conversation. Google+, a respectable 2nd in terms of referral percentage, but a ridiculous 97.2% bounce rate on those referrals. Since Google+ may or may not be around much longer, a solid focus on YouTube might be the best allocation of resources. Yes, YouTube is considered a social media network and it’s a slumbering giant. Optimize your channel. Link to your website and cross-promote on Facebook and Twitter and you’ve got a solid highway to sticky traffic.
Like SEO, Social Media Marketing is more than just throwing everything up against the wall and hoping some of it sticks, like that 12 times used gym shirt in the locker room. Choosing the right network to expend your energy on and then having a solid and consistent posting timetable and strategy will help you effectively reach your goals. And for heaven’s sake, don’t pawn your social media posting off on the interns because they are young and are always on their phones! That philosophy failed in 2005. Give your digital marketing efforts the same attention and respect you would any marketing avenue. Of course, you can always contact Marcus Interactive to consult, but to say so here would be too self-serving.