Tips for Succeeding with Facebook’s New Newsfeed Format

Facebook for businessesFacebook just changed it’s newsfeed and sharing formats and savvy companies are looking for ways they can maximize their exposure. Here’s a few hints in how to thrive with the new newsfeed:

1. Post More Visual Content.

Facebook’s new look is flooded with enhanced images of every variety — an entire feed can be viewed solely comprised of these vivid images! Just one month after the introduction of Facebook timeline for brands, visual content saw a 65% increase in engagement. This metric is bound to increase even further with the upcoming Rich Photos emphasis.

Prepare for the rollout of these updates by creating visually compelling content. If you’ve been previously posting text-based statuses and links, think about how you can convert those ideas into visuals. For instance, here’s an example of how we took simple text and converted the words into an appealing Facebook visual.

2. Keep your copy short.

With the spotlight on photos, Facebook has also changed the way captions will display. While previously captions were scripted underneath the uploaded photo, captions will now overlay images in the News Feed.

This means that photos will be the primary way by which people engage with your visual posts, so any copy you craft should be brief and succinct. It has to provide all the key information the user needs to understand the image and its value, and take action.

3. Focus more on your evangelists.

With the new Facebook News Feed, users will be able to look at content posted only from their friends. That means that even if someone likes and follows your business page, they may never see your posts because they filtered them out by looking at the content posted only from their friends.

Your solution to this is to focus more on your evangelists and customers. Your evangelists are the lovers of your brand — the people who find you remarkable, and share your updates with their own Facebook friends. Whether they’re customers, or just pure fans of what you do, these people will be instrumental in your success on Facebook.

Facebook can be the spearhead to your company’s digital marketing campaign. Spend the time and focus necessary to take advantage of changes and you’ll see the change in your bottom line.

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