SEO Tips

I’m asked quite often questions about what increases a website’s ranking in Google‘s (and to a lesser degree, Bing‘s) search engine results pages. Below are some of the more frequently asked questions and my answers/suggestions.

  • Is there a limit to the meta keywords character count for SEO?
    This is one SEO experts continue to argue about. Does the KEYWORD Meta tag matter at all? My answer is YES! It matters, as long as every word contained in the meta tag can be found on the page, is visible and is relevant to the page. You can’t automate this one and you can’t short-cut it. Independat testing has proved it out.
  • Do domain extensions like .com vs. .org vs. biz matter for SEO?
    Google clearly prefers .com, .net and .org to any of the other domain extensions.
  • Does the header tag family (h1, h2) matter for SEO, or not?
    Yes, most definitely. Google uses the h1/h2/h3 to define your page’s hierarchy. H1’s carry more weight than h2, but only 1 H1 is allowed per page, where multiple h2 or h3 is allowed.
  • Do capital letters (capitalization) matter on a Google Search for SEO?
    No, they don’t. What matters are the order of words, the keywords chosen, ie. synonyms and pluralization, but capitalization does not matter to the search engines. Remember though, if the words are visible and not just in a meta tag, then you want them to be readable to the human eye and then, proper capitalization and punctuation matter. Coding your site for a human is the most important thing.

Well, that’s all the tips for now. I hope it helped. Please read through the rest of my blog postings for more real-world ideas for your website as well as some other interesting pieces.