Social Media 2011

Social media has become an integral part of a company’s web presence. No longer is it relevant to ask IF you should create a social media presense, the question now revolves around WHERE it should be and HOW to maximize sales and ROI.

The hard sell is a thing of the past. Today, companies must be able to interact with their customers in a non-agressive way and offer value and service. Those things will never change.

Your website is your static, 24/7 advertising vehicle. Your social media platform is your way to interact with your customers and to find out what they need. To “listen” to what’s going on, not to simply push an ad out there, but to make extra value added knowledge available and establish yourself as an expert that people want to do business with. More people are spending time on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube than ever before and more and more are making their buying decisions from information gleaned off these sites. They want to see who their friends bought their first home through and what kind of car their cousins are driving and what TV shows everyone they know is watching.

Social media has enlarged our circle of friends and influence. Friends and relatives no longer flow in and out of your life, oblivious to the changes of years. Now, you can stay connected to that friend from 1st grade or that cousin 5000 miles away. Companies that get behind this thinking are the ones that will succeed and the ones who don’t…well, just look at Borders and Blockbuster for 2 great examples of companies who were left behind by time.

Beef up your profiles today. Integrate them into your website and all of your communications. Spend the time each and every day to nurture business relationships.

Marcus Interactive Website Marketing Solutions helps small and mid-sized companies compete with the big boys by utilizing technology and incorporating over 20 years of real world business experience into our custom crafted solutions.

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