Taking Advantage of Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook for businessesOne of the hottest of hot button topics in 2011 is how to leverage the enormous numbers of people using social media networks. Of course, the 800-lb gorilla in the social media universe is Facebook. You’ve heard the number 500 million users thrown about and while that is an awesome number, the one that impresses me even more is that fully 50% of those who are signed up, 250 million users worldwide are logging in at least once a month. But how, as a business do you leverage this number? The answer is a Fan Page. Fan Pages are openly accessible to all and¬†customizable.

Many businesses have created Facebook pages as if they are a person, this is a mistake on two levels. First of all, it’s against Facebook’s rules. Secondly, as an individual, you have to accept friends and be accepted by friends. As a business with a fan page, you have a LIKE button, which then opens up all possibilities. Also, you can add a custom page that can be used as a landing page, instead of the default WALL that everyone has. You can add promotional pages specific to your followers and even target certain parts of your website within your Fan pages.

Start a page for your business, let all your personal “friends” know about it and then get about optimizing things. Your page needs to give people a reason to LIKE it. You need to provide something for nothing. Connect with your clients and perspective clients. Remember, this is not a static medium to throw out your message and then hope you get a decent ROI.

Social media is SOCIAL. It takes an investment in time. In energy. In personal investment. Create an engaging page and then post on it consistently, at LEAST once a day, if not more.

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