How Social Media Can Greatly Impact SEO

For years, website owners have been encouraged in a rather vague way to create social media profiles in order to aid their SEO efforts. Finally, there is a concrete way to use one specific social media platform to impact your web traffic.
As we all know, or should, SEO is the practice of preparing your web presence to bring you the most traffic. Whether it’s to your website, twitter feed, Facebook page, 67% of all search is done through Google. So…what social media platform can most directly impact search results…..yup..Google+.

I one you know uses Google+, no one spends hours reading articles there or playing games, etc. You’re right. Doesn’t matter. Google says it matters. time for the 600lb gorilla to flex it’s muscles.

Bottom line, you need to have a profile for your business on Google+.

Improve your search ranking by creating a Google + page for your business