SEO in 2017

Search optimization has always been an ever changing field. What scores well with search engine algorithms today might not tomorrow. Gone are the days of keyword focus and a more holistic approach is needed. Focusing on retaining the website visitor and offering them value for their visit. Get too salesy, get dinged by Google. And let’s be frank, Bing has become a search afterthought. Although, setting up and keeping up with Bing webmaster tools can be a help.

That’s the thing with SEO, there are now 244 criteria, some much more valuable than others, that you have to look at your digital footprint holistically.

  • How is your social media presence?
  • Are people engaging with it or are you posting into the void? Are you on the right social networks?
  • Are you linking to interior pages in your website or just your home page?
  • Are you linking from terms that describe your service or product or are you going with the old “click here” or “read more”?

And that’s all without even getting into on-page SEO. I’m talking about the key on-screen elements both within the code and page elements.

  • Is the page easily readable?
  • Are the menus simple to navigate?
  • Does the page load quickly, within 2 seconds?
  • Are all your photos tagged with both alt and title tags?
  • What are your photo names? Are they size optimized or are you forcing the browser to resize from a huge file?

So many aspects to think of and it’s an ever-moving dartboard. SEO isn’t cheap, but for the long term, it the most effective way to market your web presence. Getting a professional to access your business and recommend the necessary changes is very important. You are the expert in your business, not SEO.

Marcus Interactive offers comprehensive SEO services for companies of every size. From the individual owner with a website and a dream to a huge multi-national corporation, we’ve helped hundreds of companies over our 8 years to increase their bottom line profits while reducing their costs of ineffective pay-per-click advertising.