How to Start a Business Website – Part 4: Link Building and Your Page Rank

Google uses it’s own Page Rank system to prioritize websites in it’s search criteria. Seems simple enough. But what goes into Google’s page rank is what the pros argue about. One thing is for sure, who links to you is much more critical that how many link into you. Originally, I was thinking more about all the forums out there where you can post intelligent comments and start conversations, but I’ll start on a different track. Paid link building services. You’ve seen the ads, usually associated with SEO companies, promising to increase your Google Page Rank by adding your link to thousands of websites and thereby building your web. Let me tell you, I have a might actually be reading it now. Every day I receive 20-30 comments just from these services. Generally in grammatically constipated English or just strings of words or just even random letters. These are all from paid services. Getting a link in a Website Marketing blog to promote your eyeglass business is NOT going to score points with Google. If anything, there is little to no relevance and Google will deduct points from your score for it. That is if I was lazy and just approved everything.

Now, adding links to your site from blogs and forums that relate in some way to your business is a very good thing. Whatever your line of work, there are multiple forums, groups and blogs that need you there. The point of posting is two-fold. You want to establish your reputation as an expert in your field. You might be surprised where business comes from once you are considered expert. Be thoughtful, don’t get involved in name-calling, you know, be an adult and show off what you really know. And for heaven’s sake, don’t BS!! You will get outted and it will clobber your reputation.

Starting your own blog is great and the more often you post the better. Encourage dialogue and feedback and respond too. Comment on other people’s blogs that have some relevancy to your business, the more the merrier.¬†Search for¬†forums that relate to your business and join them and post. You don’t have to start the conversation as long as you become a part of it. Join groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, avoid Google Groups which are full of spam. in short GET OUT THERE AND ESTABLISH YOURSELF!!

These ideas work across all industries, for any type of business. You are your best resource and time is both your asset and your enemy. Use both wisely and traffic will flow to you from both your postings and your organic search results pages.

If you’ve missed any part of this series, please go back and take a peek, it might spark an idea to help your business.