Keyword Research, but not for PPC

Most people think of keyword research only in terms of pay per click advertising. What they miss is that while keyword research is critical to digital marketing, pay per click is just one thing it’s good for. Any term used by someone searching on a search engine is a keyword. To find what keywords your competition is using, just pop their URL into AdWords’ Keyword planner tool and then sort the results by volume. There you have it, simple. Take those terms and incorporate them into your social media posts, your page descriptions, your blogs and your page titles. Just make sure it’s not gratuitous. A recent client of mine has a treasure trove of video clips on their website and a desire to get traffic moving to it from social media. We COULD just use a link and the name of the video, but to make it much more effective, we instead used an appropriate term that their main competition was rating well for in search. BAM! Traffic increased.

Of course, this only works if you use keywords from a competitor that is generating a great deal more traffic than you are. If you’re from Coke, thanks for reading this, but since you’re at the top of the food chain, this won’t work as well for you.

Are you spending the time to research keywords before posting your social media posts? Get organized and try it and see the results.