I’m getting good ranking of my keywords but i cant get traffic.

keywords in seoOne of the biggest fallacies on SEO is that you need to target specific keywords to improve your traffic and, by extension, your business. Keywords. of course, are words and terms that people search on to find what they want. If you focus on just keywords and nothing else, you will have the problem that the person who posted the title of this article does. Google search results are just the first step. Crafting a good page description, unique to each and every page of your website is critical in going from search results to an engaged website visitor. A relevant and engaging page title is just as critical. Remember, people search for goods and services, not your company name or your URL. No need to have that in either, unless it has your product or service in there.

The overall point Google has been driving home in every update and every blog post is to create a site that is fast to load, easy to navigate and engaging to your audience. THAT above all will drive traffic. Stop worrying about the keywords.