Having a brand is important for everyone

Social Media for Small businesses AffordableA long time ago, like the early 90’s, your resume and police record were your only personal brand. Sure, if you were a celebrity of any renown there would be clips on tv or film and newspaper articles, but that was about it. Social media has changed the game. Think that off-color joke you posted on Facebook as a 15 year old kid has no impact, think again. College admissions look at your social media profiles and see everything. If you’re borderline, that one stupid posting could be the difference between a good university and community college. So, my first point is that posting counts. Companies look to see what kind of person you are. Your first date will check you out and see what you post. You can be a swell guy, but following misogynistic Twitter feeds can be a sign that maybe you’re not the guy for her.

Now, with that out of the way, let’s look at how your brand can impact you positively. First of all, know where to post. If you have little time and not a lot to say, Twitter is not going to be right for you. In order to make any impact on Twitter, you need to post more than a few times a day and about things more relevant to the universe than what you had for breakfast or what cute thing your puppy just did to your shoes.Building your brand is about ENGAGEMENT. If people aren’t liking, sharing, re tweeting or commenting on your posts, then you’re not having a successful brand. Think about what you’re posting. Is it just about your brand or is about how your brand interacts with the greater world? Sorry to break it to you, but people want to engage in things that interest them.

One important element in your branding is consistency. It’s just as important for the individual as a company. Your colors, the look and feel of your social media platform should convey the same thing on LinkedIn as it does on Twitter or Pinterest or Instagram.

Whether your brand is your company or you personally, take great care and planning in how you represent yourself on social media platforms. First impressions are lasting ones and what you post is probably here to stay.