Engaging with your audience in a multi-screen world

It's a multi-platform world
Your message needs to be consistent, even if your delivery platform is different

1/6th of our waking hours, we spend connected to the Internet. 78% of Internet users search online for information about products before purchase. People are looking to user generated content to form their purchasing opinions. Your web presence needs to be available to them 24/7/365 in the way they want to see it.

Your website is no longer that stagnant thing you had redone in 2006 and haven’t looked at since. You need a mobile-ready website, separate from your main site. you need an updated, flexible website that can look great on an iPad as well as that 27 inch Samsung monitor. Google has noted that their rankings are affected by a site’s having an m. partition to their site. So if your website is widgets.com, by all means, build out a simple m.widgets.com site to accommodate mobile traffic. If you use a consultant, make sure YOU look at the site in any way you possibly can. Sites can look different on different devices. Make sure the site navigation is simple and clear to use, Google checks this too. More times than I can count, user frustration over navigation has lost a company customers. It’s just too important not to test and test and when you’re done testing, test again.

Now, many small businesses have confused a mobile-ready website for a mobile app. Unless you are at the very least, a large, regional company, you do not need an app. They are very expensive to build right and you need a tremendous amount of traffic to justify those costs. A site that’s high on text and low on images with a few very clear links to what the mobile user wants to do is perfectly fine.

The key with your web presence is to be where your customer is, when your customer wants to interact with you. Have your address, ┬áif you have a physical location, clear and easy to spot on every page. Have your phone and email contact on every page. Why make a customer go to a “CONTACT PAGE” to contact you? The easier, the less complicated you make it for your potential customer, the better your chance of getting and retaining customers.