Using Heat Map Analytics to Improve Your Website

Leveraging your analytics can dramatically improve your website’s performance when it comes to getting new business. A website is your business’ face to the world. It’s where most people look to find information on products and services they need or to support prior purchases. But user behavior has changed over time, as the internet has become more ubiquitous and if you don’t utilize the data your analytics give you, you’ll quickly be left behind.

heat-map-analyticsThis confettiĀ map is showing individual clicks over a piece of time. Now, the picture only represents about 15% of the total page, but the clicks shown account for nearly 70% of the clicks. There’s been a lot of data thrown around lately about how website visitors are not just looking at a site “above the fold”, the view-able part of the site when the page first loads, but because of the prevalence of mobile devices and their small footprint, users are now scrolling further. That may be true in a mobile environment, but as we can see on the desktop, above the fold still rules.

Now that we know this, how can we leverage it? If we know the limitations of our website visitors activity, then we can alter our website to take that into account. In the image above, the buttons and links are getting the bulk of the clicks, while the image is huge. This is showing a missed opportunity to include multiple images that link to different products and services instead of one giant image, Even if the corporate focus is on one specific area, a good deal of the space is not being clicked on. Now, we can’t completely discount an area’s aesthetic appeal, but when the image takes up so much unclickupon real estate, we have an issue.

Listening to your website visitors will tell you what you need to know about what they want and gives you the opportunity to provide it to them, greatly increasing your chances of turning a visitor into a customer.

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