5 Search Engine Optimization Tips – 2017

SEO is an ever-changing discipline. What works today may not tomorrow as Google continually refines it’s algorithms to give users the most relevant search results. So, here’s a few tips to help you freshen up your website’s SEO.

  1. Title tags – The first and most critical SEO element is sometimes grossly overlooked. Surf some sites and see how many times the title of the page is just one word. And many times that word is simply HOME. Your page title should be what your customers are searching to find your site. Your company name is wonderful, but is that really how you’re found. Use Google Search Console to help find the right verbiage for your business.
  2. Image names – This one should be easy, but yet, I still find it wrong over and over again. Your image name is critical, not just important. Studies show that younger searchers use image search at a growing rate. If your beautiful picture of the Grand Canyon on your travel site is named dsc000987.jpg, it’s probably not getting found. take the time to rename your picture in accurately descriptive, but brief, language.
  3. Tags, tags and more tags – Tagging your page is not something you just have or don’t have time for. It’s a must. ALT and TITLE tags on images, TITLE tags on links; they all matter to Google in it’s search for relevance. If you have an image called “Grand_Canyon_vista_views.jpg” with an ALT tag that says “Grand Canyon vista views” and a title tag reading “Grand Canyon vista views”, a search for “Grand Canyon views” is going to look very favorably upon your image.
  4. Internal Linking – Linking to your website from external sources is great, but so is linking from within the text of your site. Take a look at Wikipedia and see how they link from terms to other relevant pages. I don’t suggest doing it as often, but using terms within one page to link to another helps give that page link authority and higher relevance in searches.
  5. Page Description – I can’t tell you how many times I look at a website’s page description and after the home page it’s either blank or a copy of the home page description. That’s a HUGE missed opportunity! Your page description is your place to appeal to the searcher. It needs a reason WHY the customer should come to your place of business. Use action words like buy, download, learn, find, watch, listen. Include keywords specific to the page for relevance, but remember, the combination of 140 elements got your link into the search results page, your page description is what is going to make them click.

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