Starting a Business Website

Starting a website is a much more complicated matter than most people realize. I’ve listed several of the questions you should answer before beginning this journey. Remember, you can’t simply put it up and expect miracles. A website, like any other endeavor, needs to be nourished, updated, marketed and constantly analyzed.

  • What do you expect to accomplish with your web site?
  • Who is your target audience? Businesses? Consumers?
  • What capabilities (online ordering, live chat, message boards, databases, audio, video, etc.) will you need?
  • Will you have an online catalog?
  • Where will the photography and copy come from?
  • How often will you have to update the web site?
  • Who will design the web site?
  • Who will do the updates?
  • What will it cost to design the web site?
  • What will it cost to host the site (store the files and make them available on the Internet)?
  • How will you advertise and promote the site to get people to use it?
  • Who will do the marketing?
  • What it will cost to advertise and promote the web site?
  • How many sales or leads will you need to break even on costs?
  • What sales volume do you expect to achieve on the web?

Not so simple.
Consult with an expert at Marcus Interactive from the start and you’ll maximize your chances for success.